About Us

Chord Group

Over the last two decades, the Chord Group has helped businesses, industries and governments around the world attract foreign direct investment, stimulate economic growth, and create knowledge-based jobs by developing, marketing and managing ‘best-of-breed’ Special Economic Zones (“SEZ”).

“One of the world’s only Special Economic Zone consulting and development groups”

We help clients build wealth through a full range of strategic, operational and technology solutions. We work within the worldwide knowledge economy, operating as ‘Innovators and Accelerators’, focused on creating SEZs that promote free trade flow and new economies based around mutually dependent and complementary industry clusters.

We introduce the policies, investment structure, legal framework, strategic development, sales and marketing strategies, operational management and ongoing strategic road-map to deliver and operate successful Special Economic Zones.


To create universally recognized SEZs that become state-of-the-art “economic and technology oasis”. Our mission is to facilitate and promote knowledge-based industries and fostering R and D within a fully integrated business community.


We build industry-focused Special Economic Zones. By delivering a strategic mix of the right infrastructure, incentives, regulatory environment and services, we create the foundation for countries, industries, and businesses to thrive.


To build the best SEZs in the world. To continually learn, grow and improve our knowledge and experience in SEZs. To drive the overall economic development and prosperity of individuals, corporate entities and countries around the globe.


Our global team of industry-focused experts origins 25 years of operational, management and executive experience, offering valuable sector – specific insight.


Our global footprint ensures that we establish a project office on site within 4 weeks and scale up quickly to achieve your objectives.


We maximize enterprise value by embedding a dedicated team within each economic zone project for rapid results, knowledge transfer and sustainment.


We carefully align our approach with the economic, job creation and FDI goals and requirements of our partners, ensuring shared objectives, expectations and assured results.


We have a 20-year history of successfully creating some of the best SEZs in the world. Chord has a unique proprietary system and implementation model saving our partners years of work and costs.


Our priority is to achieve measurable economic growth and significant FDI in an accelerated timeframe, and term, Chord is the only group in the world that provide a fixed guarantee to cover these critical goals.