How We Deliver

We provide a “Zone in a box”

A complete solution for every SEZ through our proprietary 14 stage process.

Introduce the Special Economic Zone Model

Introduce summary business plan, socio-economic and financial benefits for citizens, all stakeholders, investors, developers, and tenants.

Feasibility Study

Memorandum of Understanding for the execution of the feasibility study and overview of the proposed concessions and structure for the Special Economic Zone.

Valuation and Projections

Valuation models and returns on investment to allow accurate assessment of any proposed investment and the mechanisms to remove risk.

Project Scoping and Research

Objective is to establish a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the proposed SEZ’s physical site, environmental, social and economic context, to reaffirm objectives and organizational processes, and to identify local development needs.

SEZ Legislation and Regulations

Chord Group will prepare and issue all the necessary draft Bills and Regulations to create the most viably attractive SEZ in the region. The team at Chord has assisted countries draft and introduce SEZ laws that exceed the best practice guidelines of the OECD and WTO.

Development Vision

Develop high-level masterplan options for the SEZ, and finalize and further develop preferred the SEZ concepts and industry clusters.

Vision and Masterplan

Redefine the SEZ objectives and develop the visions, develop high-level masterplan options for the SEZ, and finalize and further develop the preferred SEZ concepts.

Construction and Development

Lead the translation of masterplans for the SEZ into adoption and implementation. Led by Chord’s consultants, this stage involves the development and construction of the full Special Economic Zone. The Chord Group traditionally builds unto 1 million sq.ft of per cluster.

SEZ Project Budgeting and Financial Analysis

Chord Group will conceptualize, build and sensitize financial projections and budgets for the entire SEZ. Develop and update the entire SEZ development budget, including monthly and quarterly cash flow forecast outlook through project completion.

SEZ Operating Policies

Operating a SEZ is very complex. The Chord Group will prepare, recommend and implement all policies for the operation of the SEZ. These comprise over 20 years combined experience from some of the best SEZs in the world.

Economic Impact Analysis (“EIA”)

Chord Group will prepare and issue an EIA to all stakeholders. The economic impact simulations will predict the economic effects upon the regional and state economy by virtue of the SEZ.

Special Economic Zone Authority

The Chord Group will help to establish the Special Economic Zone Authority (“SEZA”), including its operating program, regulations, guidelines and principles.

Leasing and Sales

The Chord Group will introduce, facilitate and manage sales and leasing processes including CRM, sales staff, channel partners and introduction of key partners from international SEZS.

Operating the SEZ

Chord Group will oversee facilities management, construction, Government relations, international JVs and financiers. Chord E-SEZ is our business partner services platform, simplified to deliver a smart user experience across all SEZ business communities. The most innovative, smart and efficient on-line SEZ platform, Chord E-SEZ provides 24-hour access to essential SEZ, government, employee and corporate services.